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Custom Pet Portrait

Pet Portrait Commissions are currently OPEN!


So you're interested in a custom dog portrait!? Below is everything you need to know before requesting to start the project. Please read thoroughly as I have two options / styles for dog/pet portraits. Although I love my unique take on a pet portrait, I still value and love creating art in the more traditional ways. If the first description doesn't suit your needs, please know I will happily create an acrylic painting on canvas - a more traditional approach, to fulfill your desires for a pet portrait that will look lovely in your home.

Sarah's Unique Style:

Sarah creates her custom pup portraits in her own unique mixed media style! Each piece is created on a wood panel using wood, acrylic paint, spray paint and resin. Glitter can be added into the resin if desired too! 

Sizing and pricing options for a single pet

(tax + shipping not included in the price)

$125 fee per each additional pet added

Sarah's Style with Resin

12x12 inches - $300

11x14 inches - $300

18x18 inches - $450

16x20 inches - $450

24x24 inches - $650

Acrylic Painting on Canvas, NO RESIN

11x14 inches - $250

12x12 inches - $250

18x18 inches - $400

 16x20 inches - $400

24X24 inches - $550

For custom portraits, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required to start the project with Sarah. Sarah uses this to gather all the supplies for the project and start collaborating with you! 

The Process

Sarah requires a well lit portrait style photo of your pet to start. She draws the silhouette or outline of the dog onto a piece of wood that she then cuts out using a scroll saw. Once cut out, she's able to sand and prime the wood and then paint your pup using acrylic paints. Once the pup is complete, she places it onto a wood panel that she has painted with spray paint, glues it down, and then pours a clear coat of resin over the entire piece. If you would like a little sparkle in your resin, Sarah can add a touch of glitter into it! If you'd like to see a video of the process, you can find process videos on her instagram account, Sarah.rimboch


If you have read through everything and would like to start working with Sarah, please fill out the order form below and she will contact you as soon as possible. Reminder that these are created solely by Sarah and she does not have a team helping her. So depending on her work load, custom portraits can take anywhere between 3-8 weeks.

Things you'll need or need to decide:

Photo of your pup (Sarah will get this from you later)

What size painting?

What color background?


Looking for the more traditional pet portrait? You can still fill out the box below Please mention "acrylic only" if you are wanting a more traditional painting that DOES NOT include resin. Happy to accommodate each and every one of you! 

Custom Pup Portrait Request
Size Option

Thank you for your request! Sarah will be in touch soon with next steps.

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