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About Sarah

Hi there! Thanks for visiting the "about me" page to learn a little more about who I am! I hope you find that learning more about me as an artist AND a person, can connect you to my work in a more personal way. Art after all, is a lot about connection!


For starters, my name is Sarah Rimboch, although I'm sure you already knew that. I'm currently working as a full time artist in Houston, Texas, where I've lived since 2013. I moved to Houston after I graduated college from Bowling Green State University in 2012. I graduated with a bachelors in Arts Education and a fine art focus in Printmaking. BGSU is in Bowling Green, Ohio and only an hour from my hometown of Huron, Ohio, where I spent my entire life up until going to college and moving to Houston. 

When I moved to Houston in 2013, I was still figuring out who I was as an artist. So in the meantime, I started my journey in art education and got my first teaching job as an elementary art teacher in Aldine ISD, a school district in Houston. I taught at A.W. Jones Elementary for 3 years while simultaneously learning who I was as an artist. From there, I moved to a new district, Spring Branch ISD where I taught art at Bunker Hill Elementary for four years. During this time, I had figured out where my passion was within my art career. My abstract resin paintings became what I was known for as I dove into the art community in Houston. I started off doing art markets around the city and then in December of 2019, I was accepted into the John Ross Palmer Escapist Mentorship Program, an art mentorship, which really took my art career to the next level during 2020.

In June of 2021, I resigned from my teaching position to pursue art full time and that is currently where I'm still at as of today. Working on my art full time from my home studio and also my studio at Silver Street Studios # 325 in downtown Houston. I do a variety of art including my abstract work, pet portraits, murals, resin work, and now offer paint & resin workshops at my studio.

Outside of my art career and teaching, I'm a wife to my husband Bradley Johnson, soon to be mom (expecting our first baby boy Dec 2023), dog mama to our two rescue dogs, Remi & Opie, and enjoy lots of other hobbies outside of art! 

I spent the latter years of my 20's and early 30's traveling "the world," as I like to say. Although certainly not the entire world, but I have been to 13 different countries and 20 different national parks! Outside of art, traveling and exploring new places is absolutely my favorite thing in the entire world. I'm genuinely my happiest when I'm doing so and also get so much inspiration for my artwork through those experiences! Although my traveling days have certainly slowed since 2020 (co*vid) lol. But, also because my priorities changed a bit around that time too! I met my husband in November of 2018 (thanks to the dating app, Hinge) and then quit my teaching career in 2021, so between those two things, I switched my priorities to focus on family and career and put traveling to the side for now. 

Other hobbies include cooking, baking, restaurants, DIY home improvement projects, gardening, collecting art, exercising or doing outdoor activities, hiking, camping and enjoying a nice glass of wine or a refreshing cold beer. I'm a little all over the place if I'm being honest, which kinda makes sense in regards to my artwork too. I have a lot of different styles in my body of work, but though they may seem different, they all relate to me one way or another. Who ever decided us artists had to put ourselves in a box anyways? I can't think of anything more backwards than the idea of an artist having to create just a single style their entire career. It's just not for me, although I wouldn't dog anyone who does it that way. 

Anyways, thanks for reading a little more about me! Just like everyone else, I'm a big mix of all the experiences from my past. A sum of things and experiences that turned me into the person I am today!

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